• Graphic Communications
    Graphic Communications is designed to prepare students to enter the printing industry, one of the nation's most important and fastest growing industries. Students receive instruction in layout and design principles (i.e. balance, unity, proportion, etc.), brainstorming techniques, an in-depth look of the printing process, units of measure, principles of typesetting, plate making, finishing and bindery.
    All design work is created on Macintosh computers using the newest versions of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop and/or Adobe InDesign. The major printing processes studied are Flexography, Screen Printing, Digital Printing and Offset Lithography. Some additional areas studied include dye sublimation, embroidery, vinyl letter cutting, glass etching and pad printing. Employment opportunities are numerous and varied, ranging from semi-skilled occupations to positions of management.
    Career opportunities include, but are not limited to graphic designer, typesetter, press assistant, press operator, plate maker, photographer, sales, customer service and distribution. Students may receive computer science credit for these classes.
    NOTE: You do not have to be creative to be successful in Graphics. If your desire is to learn about all the stages any given printed piece goes through from conceptualization through to the finished printed piece, this program is for you!