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    My name is Bryan Bacher.  I have a graduate degree in pure math and I have been teaching since 1994.  I became a Project Lead the Way (PLTW) teacher in 2001. While I do not teach ALL of the following courses every year at ACTC, I am credentialed to teach Introduction to Engineering, Digital Electronics, Civil Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Computer Controlled Machinery (AMT 102), Computer Science Essentials, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, and Cybersecurity.
    In my classes, students learn topics by a combination of brief lecture and long-term hands-on projects. My instructional goals are that students will be excited about careers in engineering and technology, their learning of material in core courses will be enhanced by learning real-world applications in my classes, and they will receive experience and credit that they can use as they pursue their college education and career choices. The courses are rigorous and fast paced, but also a lot of fun.
    Bryan C. Bacher 
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    Phone:  864-847-4121 ext. 2142
    Fax: 864-847-3539