• Travis
    Travis Guthrie
    Work-Based Learning Coordinator 
    Phone:  864-847-4121 ext. 2131
    Fax:  864-847-3539
  •  riddle
    Sharon Riddle
    Career Coach
    Phone:  864-847-4121 ext. 2124
    Fax:  864-847-3539
    Lisa Wardlaw
    Career Coach
    Phone:  864-847-4121 ext. 2145
    Fax:  864-847-3539


  • Work-Based Learning
    Work-Based Learning is an exciting new way of linking students with the workplace.  Classroom learning is coupled with workplace learning and education is linked with meaningful careers. 
    Students are encouraged to participate in an appropriate option such as Service Learning, Job Shadowing, Internship, Co-Op, or Youth Apprenticeship.  
    At the Center, you will begin social, personal, and work transition training as part of your preparation for employment.  Career development opportunities are available to you through job market information, resume preparation, the job application process, and developing job interview techniques.
    The Employability Rating System at the Center emphasizes the importance of exemplifying good work habits at school and on the job.  Prospective employers can use the rating system to help determine if you are a good candidate for one of the School-to-Career opportunities.