•  chris
    School Counselor 
    Phone:  864-847-4121 ext. 2117
    Fax:  864-847-3539 

    Student Services Assistant 
    Phone:  864-847-4121 ext. 2105
    Fax:  864-847-3539  
  • Guidance and Counseling
    The mission of the Center's guidance program, in conjunction with other services, is to develop well adjusted, responsible, and productive individuals by assisting all students in their academic, personal, social and career growth.
    The Center has a full-time guidance counselor available to the students, faculty, and parents.  Students may see the counselor before or after class, during class with a pass from the instructor, or by appointment.  Should the counselor be unable to see a student when he/she comes to the guidance office, the counselor will give the student a definite time and date to return. 
    The guidance department provides individual and group counseling, career assessments and career counseling, and assist students with post secondary planning, scheduling problems, discipline problems (as an intervention plan), attendance problems and other issues that affect school performance.