• Welcome to PLTW Engineering


    Hello and welcome to PLTW. My name is James Davis and I graduated from Greenville Technical College in 1988 with a major in Engineering Graphics. I chose this field right after high school due to participating in the drafting program offered from this very career center so many years ago.

    I have worked in the engineering field for nearly 20 years from a Mechanical Draftsman to Mechanical Designer and eventually as a Project Leader. I have always found that you never stop learning, especially when you want to get ahead in your career. I have gone back to college several times to gain certification on new technology as it has been introduced into the manufacture engineering environment.

    I went into diverse engineering fields early in my career, companies ranging from tire manufacturing, automotive components, textile industry, and then the medical equipment industry. However, I spent most of my career in the electronic components industry designing equipment to test and manufacture electronic components. Finally, before teaching, I spent three years designing aircraft components for the Boeing Dreamliner 787.

    I have been teaching for eight years. When I first came to ACTC, I remember being impressed with expectations and opportunities given to students.I found they taught from “practiced” industry standards not just from something being repeated out of a book.

    The students’ opportunity to receive honors credit and even receive college credits for high school students that excel, really sold me. Also, there are many project based learning opportunities that I have enjoyed seeing the young minds work on over these past years.

    I believe this is going to be a great and very busy year with our after school robotics activities and with the 4 courses of PLTW I am teaching: Introduction to Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Principles of Engineering and Engineering Design and Development.

    My wife and I have been blessed with two children: my oldest, Matthew, earned his BS in Computer Science and works in that field. My daughter Jordan is a senior in high school.


    James Davis