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    My name is Joellyn Hayden. I absolutely love the Graphics industry and enjoy teaching my students about the career I love so much.
    I have a bachelors degree in Graphic Design from Lander University and I am also a 1993 graduate of Palmetto High School and Graphic Communications here at ACTC. I absolutely loved this class and the Career Center and have always dreamed of teaching here one day. That dream has become a reality.
    I am married and have 3 amazing children. I have 2 daughters; Joeli and Carrie, and my son Jonathan. My husband, Gregg and I live in this community now, and have both lived just a few miles from the Career Center all our lives. We are very connected and involved in this community. My hobbies include drawing, painting, freelance graphic design, watching a lot of college football and spending time with my friends and family. 
    I worked in the Graphics industry for 19 years before coming to ACTC. I began working at Seal Air Corporation - Cryovac in Simpsonville, SC right out of college. Cryovac is a large global food packaging company with an in-house graphics service department. Graphics Services is responsible for North America, Canada and Latin America graphics, customer service, color editing and other pre-press needs. In my 19 years there I had exposure to our flexographic press department, but primarily worked in our Graphics department as a Process Color Technologist. I also served as a team trainer for 6 years. I often call myself a “graphics geek” because I get really excited and get satisfaction from seeing a product label that I’ve worked on in the grocery store.
    In my classroom, we have a lot of fun. I love seeing my students transform from a sophomore who is brand new at even using a Mac into a senior who I can hand off any project to and they can take it from start to finish without any assistance. I am passionate about Graphics and Art and I hope to see that same passion in my students. It’s an amazing and fun career choice with so many possibilities.



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