• Welcome to Automotive Technology

    Hello, my name is Kale Fortenberry.  For as long as I can remember I have had an obsession with cars. This obsession is what led me to this field. I started my automotive education in a high school Automotive Technology class much like the one I am teaching now. My junior year I started a co-op with the BMW Performance Center. Anytime I wasn't in school I was at work and this quickly opened more doors, such as having the opportunity to travel all over the country to many popular racetracks as an on-site technician for the BMW driving schools.
    After high school while continuing my position with BMW I enrolled in a post-secondary Automotive Technology program at Spartanburg Community College. It was there I received an Associate Degree in Automotive Technology while also attending dealer technician training. Shortly after graduation, I obtained my BMW and ASE Master Technician Certification.
    As I gained more experience as a technician, I quickly realized that I would like to start sharing my knowledge and help other young technicians with the same interests as mine become successful. This began my teaching career at the Anderson Career Center. Here I enjoy working with students each day who want to learn as well as continuously learning new things myself.
    Kale Fortenberry
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