• Media Broadcasting
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    This program is a general introduction to students interested in pursuing a career in Media Broadcasting. You will learn the basic skills needed to work in radio, motion pictures, television, and other electronic communications media. Students will develop formal critiquing skills, study the history of film and television, and the fundamentals of advertising, and take a "hands-on" approach to develop and demonstrate the skills needed in all aspects of filmmaking.
    Examples of audio projects include everything from commercials and PSAs to Voiceover Demos, Podcasts, and Radio Shows. Productions on the ACTC Radio Station "WPPB The Pulse" and TV facilities offer an opportunity to experience the field of broadcasting. Film projects the students will be involved in are stop-motion animation, film criticism, advertisement production, music video production, web videos, live streaming of sporting events with the Pulse Sports Network, and full-length films. 
    Class time will include a discussion of current trends and issues in the field, with students developing an understanding of broadcast media. Whether it is information or entertainment, the wide appeal of electronic media has created an increasing need for people skilled in the digital video/radio production arts. 
    Article by Winston A. Cely