• Marketing
    A Program for College Bound Students!
    Businesses in every industry are seeking employees and leaders with the skills needed to advance and excel in fields such as marketing, management, sales, human resources, accounting, and other business-related areas.  In addition, business is the most popular college major, making up over 20% of all bachelor degrees conferred.  The Marketing Program is designed to prepare you to excel in college business programs and in high-demand business and marketing careers.  The program includes a sequence of courses that allows you to build skills and master competencies in a variety of areas, including marketing, management, entrepreneurship, leadership, digital media creation, and more. 
    All of the courses in the Marketing Program are project-based, technology-infused, and student-driven.  Students engage in a variety of active learning strategies, including computer simulations, project-based learning, media creation, authentic performance tasks, and digital portfolios.  Gone are long lectures, textbooks, worksheets, quizzes, tests, and passive “sit and get” classroom strategies.  You’ll also have the opportunity to make connections between classroom learning and the world of work through an internship or co-op.   
    You'll Learn How To
    • Market and advertise a product or service
    • Create multimedia products
    • Leverage social media for advertising, marketing, and public relations
    • Communicate effectively in a variety of professional settings
    • Negotiate differences
    • Develop professional documents and messaging strategies
    • Lead a team
    • Employ human resources
    • Control the message by applying public relations principles
    • Manage a business organization
    • Work within the law
    • Interpret and evaluate accounting reports
    • Innovate like an entrepreneur
    • Manage an organization’s resources and operational processes
    • Use math to solve real-world business problems
    • Sell like a professional
    • Serve customers effectively
    Students completing the Marketing Program have received degrees and pursued careers in fields such as marketing, sales, public relations, management, accounting, and human resources. 
    Please take time to review Marketing courses by clicking on the links to the left. Digital Multimedia is the Sophomore class.  Juniors take Marketing and Digital Media Marketing, while Seniors explore Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Social Media Marketing, and Leadership.   
    If you have questions about the program or would like to contact me you may do so by e-mailing me at bmcclain@andersonctc.org