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    The ACTC Esports program, Delta Squad, is a varsity Esports program available to Anderson District 1 and Anderson District 2 high school students. We are partnered with the High School Esports League (HSEL) with matchmaking and competitions managed by Generation Esports. An organization that has helped to build esports into a varsity sport across the nation, HSEL is the largest high school esports league in the US. They are accredited by STEM.org and they help support students with “educational opportunities and scholarships, career opportunities, and life skills” through their program. HSEL and Generation Esports offer many games that the students can choose from, including the games ACTC teams are currently competing in: Apex Legends, Valorant, Halo, CS2, and Rocket League.

    Teams range in size, depending on the game, from three to five players. Prospective students must have a 2.5 GPA, be in good academic standing in their current classes, and be of sound moral character in order to qualify to try out for a team. Tryouts are an intense two weeks, held twice a year, once for the Fall Majors and once for the Spring Majors. Once athletes make the team, they practice in the esports lab at ACTC two nights per week and official matches are also played at the career center.

    The coaches for Delta Squad are computer science instructors Andrew Akins, Bryan Bacher, and Seth Pruitt.