• Mechatronics
    mech mech
    This three-year program offers dual credit through TriCounty Technical College. Mechatronics is a dynamic field that changes daily with the rapid improvements in technology and computer systems. If you like to work with highly automated equipment, computers, hydraulics and pneumatics, and if you like to see what things are made of and how they work using both your mind and your hands, you will enjoy this program. Mechatronics is a new interdisciplinary field involving mechanical systems, instrumentation, electronics, robotics, automation, computers and control systems. Systems are networked together to meet the demands of highly automated manufacturing processes.
    Mechatronics technicians are trained to master the skills necessary to install, maintain and repair this sophisticated equipment. Industry depends on well-trained electromechanical technicians to keep production machinery printing. Students learn skills to diagnose, repair, install, and service electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromechanical systems.
    Students may continue their education at TCTC after their senior year and receive and associate (two-year) degree in Mechatronics.
    All juniors applying to this program must meet the TriCounty Technical College eligibility requirement of a 75 average.