• Enrollment Procedures

    Anderson 1 and 2 high school students wanting to attend the Career & Technology Center (ACTC) must complete ACTC’s registration process.  Students interested in our PLTW Engineering program are enrolled during the 8th grade and attend in grades 9-12; for other programs, students are enrolled during the 9th grade and may attend in grades 10-12. 

    For PLTW Engineering Program, interested 8th grade students tour the engineering classes or ACTC representatives present the program at the middle school as determined by each middle school. Students register for the PLTW Engineering program through their middle school counselor.  All PLTW courses are honors credit and certain criteria must be met to be enrolled.

    For other programs, students tour ACTC in the fall of their freshman year.  After tours, representatives from ACTC enroll students through a presentation in their high school classes.  Students complete the registration form.  Program descriptions and a copy of the registration form are given to students to take home to parents. 

    During CAPS Conferences at District 1 and IGP Conferences at District 2 parents and students meet with advisor and/or counselor to review course assignments at both the high school and ACTC.  Students may request a course change at that time for ACTC classes.  Changes are made only if space is available in the class requested.

    Students must meet additional criteria to be enrolled in our three-year programs:  PLTW Biomedical Honors program, Cosmetology, and Skin Care/Esthetics. 

    All other programs have an introductory course in 10th grade which may lead to enrollment in the two-year program.  Students are registered for the two-year programs during the 10th grade while attending ACTC.  Tenth grade enrollment in these programs does not guarantee enrollment in the two–year program because of limited space.

    In accordance with federal law the Career and Technology Center is prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability.

    All tour dates and registration dates for each high school are posted on our school calendar.