• Volunteer Policy  

    Pursuant to state law, S.C. Code Sections 23-3-430 and 59-19-117 and as a proactive measure to ensure the safety of the students in Anderson District One and Two, all volunteers will be screened by the School Check In system located in the front office area. 

    Definition of Volunteer

    A volunteer is any person providing services for or on behalf of ACTC, on the premises of district property or at a school-sponsored or school-related activity on or off school property, who does not receive compensation or benefits. 
    • Volunteers engaged in direct contact with students and volunteer activities, before, during, or after school hours, without the direct supervision (or in the presence) of district employees must complete an application and the School Check In system must be processed on each one.  This procedure must be done on a yearly basis.
    • Volunteers assisting participating in any extracurricular activities(Robotics, FFA, etc…) must complete a volunteer application for a complete background check. 

    Before allowing individuals to volunteer, you must follow the steps given below, and acceptance of and adherence to these procedures is mandatory to participation as a volunteer.  There are no exceptions. 

    1. All daytime school volunteers and visitors must check in at the school’s School Check In station and wear the issued identification badge while in the school.  This process eliminates the need for the daytime volunteers to fill out the volunteer application. 
    2. All volunteers going on an overnight field trip or working one on one with a student must complete the full volunteer application each year.  The volunteer application is returned to Human Resources.  At this time, the volunteer must complete the School Check In system process in order to be fully cleared as a volunteer and conduct the SLED and the sex offender background checks on each applicable volunteer.
    3. If a prospective volunteer has a serious arrest record, is listed as a sex offender, does not clear the School Check In system or background check, participation will be denied. 

    Other Related Information

     Any school or individual can review the national sex offender registry at www.familywatchdog.us/.  This website is accessible and provides accurate sex offender location information. 


    Exceptions to Volunteer Background Checks
    • One time, in-school activities such as classroom parties or career speakers, when a teacher is present, or service on school committees that do not interact with students. 
    • One-time, after-school public events.
    • Student teachers, practicum students and current district employees that have had prior FBI/SLED background checks. 

    Click on the link below to access the ACTC Volunteer Application Form 

    ACTC Volunteer Application Form