• Parking Permits

    The fee for a permit is 5.00.  If a permit is lost or stolen or a change is made to the classification, a cost of $5.00 will be assessed to replace the permit. If a car is parked on CTC campus, a permit MUST be visible at all times while on campus.  All riders must have their Rider permit available at all times.

    A parking permit can be classified in the following two ways: DRT (drive, ride and/or transport) or R (ride only).  Classification must be made by parent/guardian or administration.
    Rules & Regulations

    For Drivers/Riders of vehicles driven to ACTC from BHP, PHS, PVHS and WHS


    Anderson School Districts I and II provides bus transportation between the high school campus and the Career and Technology Center campus, and the School Districts prefer that all students take advantage of the transportation. If a student and his or her parent/guardian choose to drive or ride, they must agree to the following regulations:


    Only a junior or senior will be allowed to drive or ride to the Center.  Anyone else must get a one-day permit PRIOR to driving/riding to/from CTC.


    ·         All drivers must have completed the Alive @ 25 training course.

    ·         Students will not be granted permission until all outstanding and current fees are paid.

    ·         No students will be permitted to drive a vehicle until they have permission from their parent/guardian and the Center’s Assistant Director. Students must have a valid driver’s license.

    ·         No more than five people may ride in an automobile; three in the back seat and two in the front. Only three persons may ride in a truck; all three inside the cab of the truck.

    ·         No motorcycles may be driven to the Career and Technology Center.

    ·         Any illegal/unlawful act (speeding, accident, reckless driving, off path, etc.) while driving to/from and on the school grounds will not be permitted and may result in the cancellation of permission to travel in a private vehicle.

    ·         No unscheduled stops will be made between the high schools and the Center . If you are going to need gas before you get to the Center, be sure that you obtain the gas before going to school that morning. Students who stop jeopardize their permission to travel in a private vehicle and/or will receive an unexcused tardy if late to the Center.

    ·         The student will be charged with the responsibility of reporting to the proper school at the proper time. Excessive tardiness to class will result in suspension and possible revocation of permission to ride/drive.

    ·         The speed limit on the campus of the Career and Technology Center is ten miles per hour.

    ·         Students will park in designated parking places at the Center and follow the designated one-way signs. The Center is not responsible for any damage or vandalism to privately-owned vehicles.

    ·         The students will report directly to class upon arrival to the Center and will not return to their car until dismissed.

    ·         The students and their parent/guardian understand that neither the School Districts nor the Center will be responsible for any accident, misconduct, vandalism, or stolen property that may occur in the operation of a vehicle by the student. The parent/guardian must retain the responsibility of their child while in transit to and from the high school and the Center’s campus.

    ·         No loud playing of radios, tape players, or CD players will be allowed while the vehicle is on campus.

    ·         Littering the Center’s campus may constitute loss of riding/driving privileges.

    ·         A driver transporting an unapproved rider will be subject to losing their permission, either by suspension or permanent revocation.

    ·         If the student has lost the privilege to drive or ride in an automobile and loses the privilege to ride the bus, it will be the parent’s responsibility to transport their child between the high school, home, and the Center.

    ·         No vehicle will be allowed to park on campus with anything inappropriate.

    ·         Driving or riding to the Career and Technology Center in a private vehicle is an earned   privilege.

    ·         A student MUST have a permit to drive or ride on campus.