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    My name is Alison Joye.  I have been in the cosmetology field for 26 years.  My career as a cosmetologist began in New York.  I have been living in South Carolina since 1998.  I met my husband Carl in Orangeburg and we were married in 2001.  I moved to the Upstate in 2006.  We have three beautiful boys, Ben, Max and Will.  

    I have been teaching at Anderson 1 and 2 Career Center for thirteen years.  The cosmetology field is a wonderful career to get into no matter where I go.  I love meeting many different types of people.  It always opens the door for more opportunities to increase your business and income.  I really enjoy teaching high school students.  It is an exciting field for students to go into and it is such a joy to help them with their future career goals.
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    Alison Joye
    Phone:  864-847-4121 ext 2120
    Fax:  864-847-3539