• Accounting

    New Class for 2019-2020!!!


    Do you speak "business?" Accounting is considered the language of business, and an understanding of accounting is needed for success in business. In college, accounting is a core business course required of all business majors. While some may major in accounting, other business majors will need to know how to interpret accounting information to make business decisions. 

    This course is designed to help students develop an understanding of the concepts, principles, and practices necessary in the preparation and maintenance of financial records concerned with business management and operations. Students are exposed to the accounting cycle, cash control systems, payroll, and careers in accounting. Students will also explore concepts relating to managerial accounting.

    This senior-level class meets on 'A' day afternoons. It is a one semester class taken during the second semester (Spring). One unit of college prep elective credit is awarded after successful completion of the course.