• In order to participate in a Work-Based Learning opportunity (internship or co-op) the student will need to complete all the necessary paperwork in advance. Please make sure the student speaks to one of the following people based on the appropriate ACTC program; Ms. Kelli Lancaster, Ms. Allison McElveen, or Mrs. Sharon Riddle.
    Work-Based Learning Permission Form - MUST BE COMPLETED FIRST
    Work-Based Learning Record of Hours - As students are at their work-site they will be required complete a time-log showing the record of their hours. A work-site supervisor will be required to sign this document prior to sending it to Student Services. This form can be obtained by visiting a Career Coach in Student Services.
    Work-Based Learning Employer Evaluation - Each time the student turns in paperowrk at ACTC they will be required to have their work-site supervisor complete the Employer Evaluation. Only EMPLOYERS are allowed to submit this form.
    Work-Based Learning Student Work Log - Each time the student turns in paperwork at ACTC they will be required to complete their work log.