• Media Broadcasting 1
    Radio  NYC 2019              
    Media Broadcasting 1 is a junior-level course designed to instruct students in the field of video and audio design and production with an emphasis on computer technology and multimedia computer applications.  Students will also be expected to utilize language arts skills to meet the speaking and writing requirements inherent in this course. 
    This junior-level class meets every morning during the first semester only.  During the semester, the class will spend alternating days on the radio side and the film side. This ensures all students will be able to participate in activities aimed at either radio or film during the semester.
    This is the year when students will learn how to operate professional-level equipment and techniques to help them stand out from others in the field. This project-based course may include the following:
    • Live Radio Production
    • Live Sports Production
    • Podcasting and Radio Shows
    • Radio Drama
    • Advertising/ Commercial Production
    • Short Film Production
    • Acting, Directing, Lighting, and Editing
    This course counts for 2 credits. The prerequisite for Media Broadcasting 1 is Intro to Media Broadcasting with a C or above.