• Digital Art Design 3 & 4
    Digital Art Design 3: Visual messaging is about much more than aesthetic; it's also about behavior and identity. Art can influence consumers, build bridges between individuals and organizations, and inspire conversation. Adobe CC will be used for design creation, along with the opportunity to use tablets.
    Digital Art Design 4 provides a comprehensive understanding of the entire design process and the field of design - from print publishing to interface design, from concept to creation, from presentation to implementation. You will sharpen your eye for aesthetics through projects, critiques, and the study of popular culture. Throughout the curriculum, you'll explore the foundational elements of design and master software used by current design professionals. In addition to technical proficiency and creative development, your education will help you hone real-world skills such as media integration, advertising and branding. This will include typography and page layout, digital publishing and design and art theory. A portfolio will be created and completed with all skills gained over the length of the course. The entire senior year is mostly project based.