• Digital Art Design 2
    Check out a Junior Jumpstart Project: Simply Sumo 
    Digital Design 2 is a junior level class.  It is a foundation of design and software techniques.  Demonstrations, along with a textbook, skills are taught and absorbed through repetition and practice. 

    The last portion of the class gives the students an opportunity to display their knowledge of techniques and skills learned through marketing a fictitious product.
    The digital art curriculum, on a whole, should enhance and project the creative skills that each student may posses. The class is designed to teach skills that would make anyone a better designer. 

    Some students are a natural and find out later why their artwork looks so great. There is a reason for each graphic element and placement on any media. DAD students will spend many hours on the computer and must learn multiple overlapping skills to be successful. Please join this creative class!
    This class meets on 'A' day mornings and is year long.
    Some photography assignments: 
    red  hands