• Digital Media Marketing
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    Want to learn how to create great video?  Businesses are using video more than ever before to communicate with customers and employees.  The good news is video is more accessible than ever before because smart phones and iPads can shoot high quality video.  The bad news is there is a lot of bad video out there.  It's not as simple as pointing a camera and capturing the surroundings.  In this class, you'll learn that technique is more important than expensive equipment when creating web videos.  That's our focus here--web video to promote businesses--not Hollywood scripted movies!
    In Digital Media Marketing, you'll learn the process of digital content creation in a fun, project-oriented way. You'll learn the core concepts of video:  visual storytelling, shot styles, composition, storyboarding, camera usage, sound, lighting, editing and exporting. Then you'll create hands-on projects such as a video montage, a public service announcement, a business profile, a commercial, and more.  Our focus is mainly on creating web videos.
    This junior-level class meets on ‘A’ day mornings and is a one semester class taken during the second semester.  One unit of college prep elective credit is awarded after successful completion of the course.
    Student videos can be seen at http://digitalmediamarketingexamples.weebly.com/.
    Prerequisite:  Marketing