• Media Broadcasting
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    This program is a general introduction to students interested in pursuing a career in Media Broadcasting. In this course, you will learn the basic skills needed to work in radio, television, and other electronic communications media.
    This course will emphasize both written and oral communication skills as they apply to the field of broadcasting. Areas of study include project development, television news writing, interviewing, on-camera performance, videography, sound recording, and non-linear video editing. Students will explore the history of television broadcasting, television/radio advertising, television/radio programming, and media ethics.
    In addition, this program will provide “hands-on” practice in operating the equipment, which will prepare you for a variety of entry-level positions in the growing field of mass communications. Productions in the ACTC Radio Station and TV facilities offer an opportunity to experience the field of broadcasting.
    Whether it is information or entertainment, the wide appeal of electronic and social media has created an increasing need for people skilled in the digital video/radio production arts. Communications Media is the second top career in industry. 
    Communications Media is the second top career in industry, and our students routinely win awards in and out of the state.