• Law Enforcement II
    Forensics      Police Visit 3
    Seniors will begin to apply what they have learned in Intro to Law Enforcement and Law Enforcement I to real life scenarios. They will complete hands-on training in high risk traffic stops, transport procedures, vehicle searches, weapon retention and disarming. They will also learn about Miranda warnings, searches, arrest and search warrants, responding to critical incidents, oleoresin capsicum, and police officer liability.
    They will also be introduced to a single officer response to active shooter events. This part of the LE II program is based on the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center's Law Enforcement Response to Active Shooter Events program. It teaches the senior student how officers should respond, the tactics used, ways to identify where the threat is, and how to identify responding officers.
    Seniors will also learn how to process a crime scene, from the moment they arrive, to the point that they are clear and place evidence into storage. The forensics section of class will begin with basic crime scene evidence. Students will advance into crime scene processing skills like photography, crime science sketching, fingerprinting, firearms and tool mark identification, death investigations, and narcotic investigations. 
    Seniors will also have the opportunity to gain national certifications in the IAED Emergency Telecommunications Course and in the IFPO Certified Protection Officer Program. They will also have the opportunity to be certified in First Aid/CPR/AED and Stop the Bleed.