• Graphic Communications 3 & 4
    CMYK…These senior level classes are a continuation of the junior level class, with an added emphasis on complex printing techniques.
    In GC2, where projects are one and two colors, GC 3 & 4 students are challenged to design and print four color process work. Students will learn about CMYK process color as well as additive and subtractive color theory.
    Opportunities are possible for internships and printing live work. Additional processes taught in these senior-level classes include dye sublimation, embroidery, using a plotter to create vinyl decals, glass etching and much more.
    The instructor will assign real world problems and students will analyze, discuss and try to solve the problem. A nine-week Senior Mastery project will consume the fourth quarter, culminating in a presentation display at our Open House/Senior Showcase night in May. 
    GC 3 meets on 'A' day afternoons and is a year long class. GC 4 meets on 'B' day afternoons and is also a year long class.