• Culinary Arts 2 & 3
    The Level 2 class is the final year of the culinary arts program.  It uses all aspects of the previous two years to prepare the students for employment in foodservice, or entry into a Culinary Arts program at the college level.
    Organization and motivation are key to succeeding in the senior level culinary class. Students are continuing to build their knowledge and skill base to be successful cooks. Responsibility for assignments, planning for kitchen activities, and working as a team to maintain a clean and organized kitchen are all requirements of a senior culinary arts student.
    Units may include baking and pastry; menu planning and design; meat, poultry, and seafood; purchasing and inventory; global foods; etc.  Students begin cooking right away and will be required to master new techniques as they progress through the year. 
    Opportunities for job shadowing and/or internships are available for students to gain valuable real world experience and a better understanding of this demanding industry. 
    (All students are required to take the ProStart Level Two Exam, and students who meet certain criteria will earn the Certificate of Achievement through the National Restaurant Association).