• Culinary Arts 1 
    The Level 1 class is intended to further refine the student’s knowledge of the foodservice and hospitality industry.  Students are tested on safety and sanitation before moving on to hands on tasks in the kitchen.
    Emphasis is placed on the student's ability to process classroom instruction and apply those skills in the kitchen setting. Students must be able to not only learn the classroom content but also work as a team with other students to accomplish tasks and maintain a clean and organized kitchen. As students demonstrate learned skills they will move to more advanced techniques and recipes. 
    Units during the year may include safety and sanitation; recipe analysis and product knowledge; basic techniques and cooking methods; working with grains, fruits, vegetables; etc.  Students are also required to learn basic restaurant management principles, communication skills, and information on applying for jobs and colleges. 
    All these topics prepare the student for success during the next year of the program.  (All students are required to take the ProStart Level 1 Exam)