• Digital Multimedia
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    Got technology? Digital Multimedia, the Sophomore-level class in the Marketing Program, includes the following units:  audio, graphics, video, entrepreneurship simulation, and a digital portfolio that showcases all projects completed during the class.

    In the Audio Unit (12 class periods), you'll learn how to use audio editing software to create a variety of projects, including commercials, public service announcements, and podcasts.

    In the Graphics Unit (12 class periods), you'll explore basic principles of design, create photo composites, create graphics for a social media campaign, and complete a variety of other projects.

    In the Video Unit (11 class periods), you'll explore the stages of video production, create a basic 5-shot sequence video, create a public service announcement, and create an animated video.

    During the entrepreneurship simulation (10 class periods), you'll develop the concept for a food truck, create a logo, create a menu, design the wrap for your truck, and develop several marketing pieces to promote your food truck. You'll present your project to your peers.

    You will build a digital portfolio website throughout the course, and this portfolio is your final exam for the course. 

    Digital Multimedia is a one-quarter class that is offered during both the third and fourth quarters. One unit of elective college prep elective credit is awarded after successful completion of the course.