• Digital Multimedia
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    Got technology?  Digital Multimedia, the Sophomore-level class in the Marketing Program, is broken into three units:  an online simulation, a new product development project, and an e-portfolio of digital media projects.

    In the first unit, you'll learn how to run a business as you complete different missions in Virtual Business, an online simulation.  You'll explore pricing, advertising, location selection, product selection, security, and more!  Will you advance to the Mega Mogul level when you complete the New Store Project?  You'll spend about four weeks on this interactive simulation. 

    In the second unit, you'll work as part of a new product development team to develop a new product.  You'll go through the same process as those who work in the business world:  conduct market research, determine your marketing mix (product, pricing, promotional strategies, and placement strategies), and present your product proposal.  This project will give you a good overview of marketing and new product development in a hands-on way.  You'll spend about three weeks working on this project with your product development team. 

    In the third unit, you'll use technology as a tool to create different types of digital media used in business and marketing--digital images, video, audio, and animation. When you're done, you'll create a digital portfolio to showcase all of your awesome work!  This e-portfolio will also serve as your final exam for the class.  You'll spend about eleven weeks exploring digital media tools. 

    This class satisfies the one unit computer science requirement for graduation. 

    Digital Multimedia is a one semester class that meets either the first or second semester on 'B' Day mornings.  One unit of elective college prep elective credit is awarded after successful completion of the course.

    Digital Multimedia Syllabus