• Construction Technology 3 & 4
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    Construction Technology 3 and 4 are senior level courses.  Successful completion of Construction Technology 2 is required for participation in this program as previously learned skills are built upon.  This course meets every afternoon. 
    In addition to advanced framing techniques such as metal framing, students are introduced to basic electricity.  House wiring is emphasized with students learning load calculations, electrical distribution systems, and how to wire receptacles, switches, lights, and other electrical components found in residential applications.  Pipe bending is also taught.  Projects enhance the students understanding of basic electricity.
    Residential plumbing is also covered in Construction Technology 3 and 4.  Students learn about basic drain systems, water distribution, venting, and waste disposal.  Projects teach students how to "sweat" copper pipe, fasten PVC drain and vent systems, "set" toilets, sinks, and lavatories as well as install and service hot water heaters.