• Construction Technology 2
    As part of the construction cluster this junior level course introduces the student to the masonry and concrete part of the cluster.  Students learn about distance measuring and site layout, how to set up and use a level/transit, and installation of batter boards.  Students continue with learning about how to mix and handle concrete, reinforcing materials, and the construction of forms.  Learning is reinforced through different hands-on experiences in real world scenarios.
    The brick and block work is also covered in this section.  Students learn about different types of brick and block work and how to lay some of the simple types of bonds.
    Residential framing is also a component of Construction Technology 2.  Students learn skills and components associated with the building of residential and light commercial structures.  Topics include floor framing, wall framing and roof structures.  Students build on these components as part of lab activities.  Several projects are built for sale to the public.